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Bhaktapur or 'the City of Devotees' is situated at an altitude of 1.401 m and covers and area of about four square miles. This small little city still retains the medieval charm and visitors are treated with numerous natural wonders. The ancient glory of the Malla rulers reflects in the Durbar Square and pottery and weaving are their traditional industries. The city is situated a mere 14 km east of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal and is easily accessible by car or bus.

Due to a long-term westward drift, the city has two centers (residents of the two centers stage a energetic tug-of-war during Bhaktapur's annual Bisket festival) and three main squares. In the west side of Bhaktapur, the Bhaktapur Durbar Square and the Taumadhi Tol dominates the post-fifteenth-century city, while in the east side Tachapal Tol rules.

Bhaktapur is world wide renowned for its elegant art, magnificent culture and its indigenous lifestyle. It is also known for its majestic monuments, colorful festivals and celebrations and the natives are best known for their long history of craftsmanship.

This marvelous city is also sometimes called the 'City of Culture', the Living Her... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Tutor with school children

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How does your trip to me help?

You will welcome saying "NAMASTE"

When you visit Nepal you will get an opporutnity to serve the people specially children and women of Yoshinkhel Community.

1. Innovative Education Program : This program is for  school going children to reduce school drop out where all the childern get togther and do their homeworks,play,sing,dance,read story books. Elder sisters help them. You can teach english language and help in their school home work (Math scie... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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  • I am very much inspired by Sabina's work in Yoshinkhel which is situated in the heart of Bhaktapur an ancient city rich of its culture.She has taken initiative to provice day care centre as well as knitting programme which has helped under previleged woman to earn some extra money and use their idle time plus their skill . Though she is damn busy she takes out her time to do social work which is remarkable.I wish her all the success on her good work !!

  • I visited Sabina in yoshinkhel in 2006, i was impressed with the work they do there, and the hospitality. People and children have lots of potential. Bakhtapur was an inspiring place for me, it is very ancient. I am really happy that i made it, this visit made a difference in my life and added a lot to my experience. Thanks Sabina! Keep up the good work

Location: Nepal



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How to get there

After you arrive at Tribhuwan International Airport (Kathmandu Airport) it is easily accessible by taxi or local bus.

When People from yoshinkhel get infomation of your arrival. He/She will come to get you in Yoshinkhel community

How much does it cost?

Visitors will not charge for visit and volunteering in Yoshinkhel.

We will arrange guest house(lodge) near to yoshinkhel where visitors have to pay for their stay ,food and beverages.

I will provide you the charges of guest house shortly

Available days/best time to come

All the months are good to visit Bhaktapur. However mid june -mid August  is heavy rainy season. so it is not advised to visit .April 13 is Nepali new year and the big festival Bisket Jatra is held at Yoshinkhel. We celebrate this festival from 12 april to 16 April. Main is at 12 and 13 April.

I am available to meet every saturdays.