Volunteering at Seeds of Hope, Peru

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Seeds of Hope is a small NGO that started in March 2006 and at the moment we have two centres - one in Huaraz and the other in Cusco.  in our Huaraz centre we help around 50 children who attend our school - 25 in the morning and 25 in the afternoon.  in our fairly new Cusco centre we have 25 children coming to us in the afternoon. 

most of the children attend state school but need help with their homework.  they all come from poor families and their parents have to work very long hours to feed and clothe their children, so often don't have time to help them with their homework.  Some of the parents can't read or write so are also unable to support their children. 

our intention at Seeds of Hope is to support all of our children all the way through their education, not only by providing support at school but also by providing psychological and medical support

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an ex-pro came in to give the kids (yound and old ones!) a proper soccer training

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How does your trip to me help?

Seeds of Hope welcome volunteers from all over the world to contribute their time and wisdom to the project. you can help out the children with their homework, be involved in the current projects (at the moment: opening a small café and agency in Huaraz to provide a more stable income), propose and work out your own project, ...

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How to get there

* Huaraz is located north-west of lima, a 7-hour busride

* Cusco is located north-east of lima, a 18-hour busride or a 1-hour flight

How much does it cost?

if you are interested in staying at the Seeds of Hope house, the cost of volunteering per month would be 1200 soles (approx. US$400) which includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to Friday and an hour of Spanish class from Monday to Thursday.  this fee first covers our basic costs and then goes directly to the children..

if you got your own accommodation and food sorted, we ask you for a contribution into a current project as you see fit.

Available days/best time to come

any time of the year, you can volunteer as many days, weeks, months, ... as you want