Volunteering at a local school and exploring in Babati

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Babati is a bustling town 175km south west of Arusha on the main Dodoma Road. It is the regional capital and feels very much like a frontier town. The people are extremely friendly and good natured.

We are in the process of building and repairing a number of primary school and a secondat school in the region and want volunteers to come and help work along side the people and contribute to the project. What that will be depends on when you come, but there will always be something that needs doing. On your time off you can explore the surrounding lands. our model school is on the slope of Mt Kwaraa, a beatiful mountain with fantastic views over the surrounding farmlands.

Lake Babati is over 12km long and is home to families of hippos and on the far side of it is a rarely visited and well hidden crater lake which can be access by walking through some stunningly beautiful landscapes.

Further afield is the farm in the site of the old Fig Tree Hotel, home to the famous Baron Blixen and many of the great white hunters of the era including the then Prince of Wales and Denys Finch-Hatton.

A day trip can be arranged to the edge of the Rift valley es... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Fishermen casting their nets over the tranquil waters of lake Babati

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How does your trip to me help?

We can suport the local community tourism business, and help build facilities at the school that the locals cannot afford to build for themselves.

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How to get there

We can collect you or you can make you own way. Your choice

How much does it cost?

Vary depending on the activities.

With no weekend activities or tranpsort, it costs £210 per person

Available days/best time to come

Best time is when it is not raining, so avoid late march and April and November/December.