Volunteer Experiantial Tours for aid and Population Education-ETAPE

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We are an Tour company which offer Experiantial Tours for Aid and Population Education: your opportunity to explore our cultures, arts, communities and enjoy our local meals. Students groups who need internship out of their countries in the various socio-economic issues:

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www.ikibiri.org this is our link which is under building. the photo can tell you more about our DISCOVERY TOUR Compagny. Ikibiri means " Get together for helping others without asking them recompansises", from it you are inspired. All member say:

We'll make it!

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How does your trip to me help?

Choosing to visit Burundi in Buterere community, you will come to volunteer hands in hands with the national clinics, hospitals, health centres, youth centres, orphanages, in the organisations, Christian’s ministries, churches, visiting in homes of families, parks, United Nations offices, schools and in streets of Bujumbura and in rural communities. Each employee is a volunteer and its affiliated organisation is independent to raises their own financial support to hold similar events... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Location: Burundi



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How to get there

From to 1 to 15 persons are welcomed to visit our centre-BUTERERE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE

For more information send a message at email:kamjclau@ikibiri.org or regularly visit www.ikibiri.org the link will be soon available !


How much does it cost?

Host Family Program Fees (in EURO):

Per Persons

2 weeks



EUR O2500 p/m

EURO 2300 p/m


EURO 2250 p/m

EURO 2150 p/m

Host Family Weekly program costs:

Volunteers aiming to stay less than a month are charged weekly fees. Program fees for weekly volunteers start at $900 a week and are not subject to discounts.

Independent Living

Volunteers who are interested in Incensement Living or are volunteering in large groups will stay in either passages house. Large groups will be provided one meal a day by a local volunteer and will be able to prepare any additional snacks and meals from groceries provided by the IKIBIRI DICOVERY ETAPE Project. Independent Living is a great way to relax and experience the tranquillity.

Refreshments, snacks, un-programmed excursions and travel, etc. will be the responsibility of the international volunteer.

Independent Living Program Fees (in EURO):

# Persons

1 Month

2 Months


EURO950 p/m

EURO850 p/m


EURO$900 p/m

EURO800 p/m


EURO850 p/m

EURO800 p/m


EURO750 p/m

EURO720 p/m

Independent Living Weekly program costs:

Volunteers aiming to stay less than a month are charged weekly fees. Program fees for weekly volunteers start at $720 a week will not have meals or food provided and are not subject to discounts.


Available days/best time to come

  • Be age 18 and +++++
  • Development and management long experience with NGOs
  • Persons with highest skills and experiences in Partnership, fundraising and Coalition building
  • Experience in cultures, singing, music instrument playing, film /movies writing, shooting and acting,
  • Building houses skills,
  • Experience in training delivery and provision of in-house capacity building support
  • Knowledge of relevant national and international strategies and frameworks in the areas of youth empowerment, sexual health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, educational and poverty issues
  • Strong skills and qualification with experiences from to 1-3 years in medias services: Journalism, (mass medias)
  • Strong skills and qualification with experiences from to 1-2 years in arts services: Drawing, painting, film making, music (singing, instruments playing, such as guitar, piano, drum…)
  • Skills and qualification in public health adulation programs