Visit the Village - Volunteer alongside Malawians as they serve HIV/AIDS orphans and widows.

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We work in rural villages on the outskirts of Lilongwe, Malawi.  If you are traveling from say, Capetown to Cairo, Lilongwe, is usually on the map.  If your travels take you to the "warm heart of Africa", you can spend incorporate a day or a week volunteering with our kids - playing soccer, serving up nsema, reading, tutoring, and walking them to school.  Likewise, depending on the time of year, you can help the women in the village with the agriculture project - clear fields, build ridges, plant maize, or even help with harvest.  Likewise, we can make arrangements for you to visit South Luangwa which is a marvelous game reserve just a day's drive away in Zambia.

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All in a day's work.

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How does your trip to me help?

Imagine losing your husband, having no education and having the responsibility of raising and providing for your children - what would you do, how would you feel?  INVEST has been working tirelessly alongside these women and children to help them help themselves.  Your presence in the village is a great encouragement.  When you are there, these orphans and widows are reminded that other people care about them and want to be a part of their life and story.

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How to get there

Depending on your travel plans through East Africa, there are many direct flights into Lilongwe International Airport (LLW).  We can arrange transport from the airport and provide you with details for lodging in Lilongwe.

How much does it cost?

We do not charge for the time that you spend volunteering with us in the villages.  However, if you would like for us to arrange for transport, accommodation, or book a safari to Zambia, we do assess a logistics fee, which is 100 USD.  We would also ask that you chip in for petrol as we transport you with our other volunteers to the villages.

Available days/best time to come

Anytime is a great time to come to Malawi.  The dry season - runs from about May to December and then the rains usually begin in late December to early January.