The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge (2011)

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We are a private group of individuals, none of us have even met each other (yet). We are organising a mad dash round the perimeter of the Indian Railway network. 2 weeks starting Mumbai, and going to the furthest most points west, north, east and south of the IR system, and back to Mumbai. We're going in Feb 2011 so you've loads of time to work out how to join in.
We've got about 7 ladies on the trip, so if you are one of the superior sex and wanted some company to do an Indian train trip with, this is a great chance. The full gang is about 25 right now.
You'll be buying your own ticket direct from IR, we have people who can show you how to do that. There are absolutely no agents or operators involved, and you can do just part of the trip if you think that 2 weeks solid on Indian trains is just a bit too stupid. The Assam section alone would be a great adventure in itself.
It will cost about £150 to £300 depending on how comfy you want to be.
Please contact me for more info. We have a blog about the development of the project which is easy enough to find.

Mark Lester

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How does your trip to me help?

We're raising money for Railway Children, who are a registered charity in the UK helping orpahned children in India and elsewhere.

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Location: The United Kingdom



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  • Mark_Lester

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How to get there

Get a flight to Mumbai and then find yor way to Mumbai Centrral Station

How much does it cost?

the train ticket wil be under £100, if you want to go 2nd class, which the real challengers wil be going for, it wil be under £50

Available days/best time to come

February 19th 2011