Teaching English in Schools and Village Learning Center

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After completing the training phase, volunteers will go one of the placement village areas. Volunteers live with host family and go to school .Volunteers will teach at local schools for 2 to 4 hours each day, 6 days in a week. Saturday is day off. The system of teaching is different in Nepal. Volunteers don't need to use the same method. They will be encouraged to use their own teaching methodologies. School children will be 6 to 16 years of age and have a basic level of English. Class size ranges from 20 to 60 students. Volunteers are also expected to share their own teaching experience to enhance the English conversational English skills for school teacher. Apart from teaching in schools, you will also be involved in teaching for youth and children in village learning center. You will have to teach 1 – 2 hours a day using your own way and ideas to communicate with children and youth.

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English teaching is seen as a means for the local people to meet friends from other parts of the world so that their mental horizon expands.School children and other people will have chaces to know and practise with english speaking person.

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How to get there

Volunteers are sent to various rural and urban places of Nepal.Our staff will hep you to take you there for your volunteer work.Most of the villages you are going have facilities in good transportation, telephone and safe drinking water.

How much does it cost?

Application Fee: US$25 (Non- refundable). This covers the immediate design and coordination of your requested program. The application fee is needed to run the organization (office space, computers, internet, supplies, staffs and administration). Our volunteer program maintains one contact office at Kathmandu and central office at Chitwan. This fee is payable upon your confirmation of attendance.After paying application fee to our organization, you will have to pay for actual program fees which vary according to your duration of volunteering. Program Fees: - Two weeks $250 - One month $350 - One and half month $440 - Two months $530 - Three months $660 - Four months $740 - Five months $800 The above cost includes: - Transportation to and from Kathmandu airport. - Transportation to and from Placements. - Accommodation and meal during training period and placement. - Nepali language and cultural information class. - Administrative cost. - Contribution to CAS-Nepal various projects. Program cost excludes: -Flight tickets (Nepal & Abroad) -Visa fees -Extra foods, beverage, and sodas. -Laundry -Your travel cost-Itinerary Program -Shopping You should be responsible for your own program. We advise you to spend according to your allocated budget. You can also contact us for your itinerary program. We arrange programs on demand as well. The program fees should be paid either in local currency or US Dollar upon arrival in Kathmandu Cancellation of fees: - Full refund- Before starting training & orientation program. - 50% refund - After orientation before placement.

Available days/best time to come

To work as a volunteers , every time is suitable for you in Nepal.BUt, we advise you to come in between Aug-Jan period.Most of the popular festival you can observe during this period.