Summer teaching in Hanoi Vietnam

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Established in 1997 the The Doan Thi Diem School that you will be teaching at was one of the first private primary schools in Hanoi. It has around 1700 pupils and 150 teachers.

The school is mixed gender and the children are aged between 6 and 11, although you will normally only teach the older ones. Levels of English amongst the children are fairly low, but they are enthusiastic learners.

During the summer, the focus will be on language (French and English) and the English teaching programme includes more speaking activities and games for volunteers to help with.

What kind of skills you need to go on this type of placement:

Volunteers at this project should have a genuine love of children and young people, and an interest in education. Although you do not require any special skills, any experience working with children or young people would be valuable. You will need to be confident, well-organised, creative and resourceful.

Your role as a volunteer:

Your role will be as assistant teacher, although as you gain confidence and experience there may be the opportunity to lead classes. Your role will b... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Anh school teaching volunteering

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How does your trip to me help?

Volunteering at the summer camp is a great way of teaching English in a less structured way and will give you the opportunity to create fun, creative and interactive lessons.

In a developing country like Vietnam, learning English can create great opportunities and improve the job prospects of many young people. Few Vietnamese school children have the opportunity to learn from a native English speaker and to develop areas of English that are not covered in their school syllabus, suc... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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How to get there


The school is located in Hanoi, within walking distance or a bus ride away from your accommodation. (about 10KM far from STA-House) Hanoi is a pleasant city with a European feel, and you will find many attractive lakes, parks and boulevards to explore. Hanoi is less polluted and noisy than Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnams largest city, and is home to many interesting museums, temples and pagodas. You will be staying in a guest house in the lively Old Quarter of Hanoi, where you will have easy access to internet cafes, banks and shops


How much does it cost?

Please contact me about this, also see our website Alpine Viet Education & Volunteering in the useful links on this page

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Please contact me about this.