Organize and sponsor for peasants urgent international event

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Potential Volunteering in organizing and sponsoring to bring peasants from seven countries together in Kenya for international event. With the availability of funds PRF will mobilize and bring peasants together from Kenya,Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC(Congo) and Southern sudan to commemorate World Peasants Day (WPD). The event is suppose to take place on 7th November, 2011.

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The peasants' voice will be heard by international community. Peasants Rights. Peasants will have international idea exchange. Advocacy of peasants internationally awareness. Advocacy of peasant acting for the peasants loca and international advocacy awareness.

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Location: Kenya



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  • Mwangi

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How to get there

e-mail through for a trip arrangement or donations.

How much does it cost?

Full costs support even in local expences and also supporting in organizing participations and sponsoring the event. Donate online or M-Pesa +254 722 68 77 55

Available days/best time to come

The event will take place on 7th November,2011 if we get funds support.

Potential Volunteers in organizing and sponsoring for the event could communicate to visit anytime from now.