Malish John Peter Yei, Sudan

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Southern Sudan is semi-autonomous state created under the January 2005 comprehensive peace agreement between SPLM/A and government of Sudan.

This small aspring nation has alot to enjoy and see for anyone who has never been here. It has the greatest fall in the East African region called Fulla in Nimule boardering Uganda in eastern equatoria state. The beautiful landscape in Jonglei and the game parks in upper nile, lakes, western equatoria and central equatoria are not exceptional with many interesting wild animals.

One can also visit the nile basins in Juba and blue nile state to watch the interesting features it has. It will be interesting to see the monament of the late SPLM/A hero Dr. John Garang in Juba and learn the cultural settings in South Sudan. We have over 100 tribes in the south, this makes it very impressive to get involve in music dance and drama.

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Ideally, whoever comes to south sudan contributes to a noble course on this earth! What can one think of a region which suffered war for over 100 years? Can't one see that he/she is sympathetic to the southern sudanese in such kind of venture? I wouldn't bother asking you many questions, but the reality is the southern sudan needs alot of help in all aspect. We network and exchange visits to enable one experience and appreciate cultural diversity.

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How to get there

Coming to sudan is not as expensive as could be in other countries. One can just get visa from our embassies or consulate where one is and apply for transit permit.

We always have flights from Nairobi Kenya direct to Juba everyday. This cost $415 return ticket. From Juba to Yei is $20, to Nimule is $20 [rate for vehicle] Juba-Yei cost 120$ flight, and Torit-other states cost 100$ using WFP flights which are daily.

In sudan we use sudanes pounds which has rate of 1$=2SDG.

How much does it cost?

Cost is related as above. This is a draft!

Available days/best time to come

Always come between November and March when the whether is bright and sunny. Remember to move with your whether clothes.