Key Farmers volunteer program Cameroon

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Cameroon is a country with great values: Cultural riches, Sunny beaches, numerous National Parks, picturesque landscapes, friendly people and great possibilities. The people are extremely friendly and hospitable and Cameroonians are proud of their traditional heritage and love welcoming people from outside the world, to integrate and mix commonly with their local customs and way of life.

Key Farmers volunteer programs are based on the idea of empowering communities in fighting poverty and misery: disadvantaged people, schools and communities. It is also about exchanging knowledge and cultures for mutual benefits.

Project Domains:

Key Farmers need volunteers to help in a number of projects:


Micro-credit finance

Environmental protection

Natural resource management





Agriculture is the backbone of the econom... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Helping with food

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How does your trip to me help?

Have you ever wanted rather than giving donations, to do something a little more ‘hands-on’ to help make a difference?.

For volunteers who are looking to escape from the comforts and routines of their world to assist the poor and the disadvantaged in society then Cameroon represents a great option.


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Location: Cameroon



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Interested Members

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How to get there

Arrival at the Douala Airport:

We will pick you from the airport and take you to our head office where you will have to live with the host family for two days briefing before starting on your placements.


How much does it cost?

Key Farmers do not charge any fee for volunteers. However, as a non-profit organization, a volunteer may choose to contribute a monthly token of USD 400 in order to facilitate some unforeseen expenditures and other risk. The above amount exclude: flights, travel insurance, telephone, internet, tour of some places not related to the organization’s area of interest etc.


Available days/best time to come

You are always welcome!

Length of Stay:

A volunteer may choose to stay at any length of time he/she desires. But the following is the appropriate duration for most volunteers, except otherwise:


Minimum duration: one to six months

Maximum duration: 24 weeks to 36 weeks stay