English teaching in Rural Tanzania

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We are looking for qualified teachers who can teach english to teachers and stidents alike at our primary and secondary schools. The individual will work alongside an existing teacher and will have a guide for the first week to help them settle in.

When not working there are many interesting places to visit either on your own or with a guide.

We are looking for people to work 3-6 months or longer subject to visa restrictions

THere is a range of accommodation availalbe from guest houses, private rooms, staying with a familiy or staying with the charity.

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Volunteer Clover teaches art.

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How does your trip to me help?

English is the 3rd language that the children learn yet it is the first langauge of all education above primary schools. Getting to grips with english is therefore hugely important. By gaining a better understanding of english the students can lern other subjects with greater ease and so be better placed to get a job and escape from poverty.

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How to get there

Babati is 3 hours by Bus from Arusha and the nearest International Airport is Kilimanjaro International.

How much does it cost?

You are exopected to poay your board and lodgings where ever you stay, and for the guide for the time you are there, as well as the visa costs.

We hope you will do some fund raising before hand and be able to buy some much needed books

Available days/best time to come

The academic year starts in January with the sujmer holidays in june/july. The rains come in March/april and November/December.