ECUADOR - Bosque de Paz - The Bospas Fruit Forest Farm

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A Bed & Breakfast in the middle of a tropical botanical garden in the Andes

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Bosque de Paz is a 15 hectares property run by Piet Sabbe and Olda Peralta. Their objective is Ecological Restoration

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Bosque de Paz ( The Bospas Fruit Forest Farm) is a Bed and Breakfast in the middle of a tropical botanical garden on the western slopes of the Andes in northern Ecuador. The sturdy stone and wood building has four large guestrooms with balcony, overlooking  the Mira Valley.  From the main building a path crosses the 15 hectares property, displaying many different plant species. The owners, Piet Sabbe and Olda Peralta, are eager to share the fruit they grow: pineapp... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Location: Ecuador



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How to get there

How to get to Bosque de Paz.


From the capital Quito you take the Panamericana Norte in the direction of Otavalo and Tulcán. About every twenty minutes a bus is heading North. Take a bus that goes directly to the bus station in Ibarra ( past Otavalo). In the Ibarra bus station you change to a bus that goes towards Lita or San Lorenzo. Get off the bus after about 1,5 hours, in the village of EL LIMONAL. Follow the signs uphill, a 15 minutes walk behind the village

How much does it cost?

A private room with bathroom and balcony costs US$ 17 a person / night (breakfast included of course).

A bed in the dormitory costs US$ 13 ( breakfast included)

Available days/best time to come

Bosque de Paz is open to visitors all year round