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The project will take place in the Patahalara Known as Tharu Village of Patihani V.D.C in Chitwan District. This village is about 160 km away from the capital city Kathmandu. It is a community with a rich culture, consisting of about 50 households with 300 populations.
During the project participants will work together with other volunteers, local students and villagers of different ages. The main activities will be:
- Developing friendships among the international volunteers and the local people (students, teachers and villagers).
- Cultural exchange and interaction sessions will be planned according to the needs and interests of the participants. The volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about the rich Tharu culture, history and way of life.
- Teaching the local children and students to speak English in a creative way. Volunteers will use their own way and ideas to communicate with them. The English teaching is seen as a means for the local people to meet friends from other parts of the world so that their mental horizon expands.
- Helping the villagers with community service projects for the betterment of their living environme... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Tharu houses in tharu village

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How does your trip to me help?

This project will directly help to those underserved tharu people in their education and other developmental areas.

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Location: Nepal



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How to get there

Location: Tharu Village 15 km from Narayangarh –main city of Chitwan District and about 160 km from Kathmandu city.Our staff will take you there.There will be our staff to take you from airport.

How much does it cost?

Fees: It depends on the duration of volunteering.
Application fee: $ 25.
Program fees range from $250 for 2 weeks to $ 850 for 5 months.

Fees are for accommodation and food during your volunteering period and transportation to and from project location to Airport. It also covers the Nepali language training and cultural knowledge tips and hotel accommodation and foods during stay in kathmandu.

The fee is intended to support the hosting organization that doesn't have sufficient funds. The fee is payable upon arrival in Nepal.

Available days/best time to come

We welcome you to join in any date . But we advise you to come on Aug-feb time period.