Center for Institutional Integrated Research Alliance (CIIRA)-Nepal

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The Center for Institutional Integrated Research Alliance-Nepal’s (CIIRA-Nepal) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the social climate in Nepal. With a strong team of management experts, doctors, sociologists, scientists, engineers, and social workers, in addition to well-established networks with Schools, Colleges, and other academic institutes in Nepal and abroad. Our main goal mission and vision is to promote schools students and youth participation in civic education activities in Nepal. CIIRA  provides information, training, technical assistance and networking opportunities on a broad range of issues, including improving education and after-school programs; re-engaging disconnected youth; promoting family economic success; strengthening early childhood development; combating childhood range; protecting youth safety and reducing gang participation; and promoting “students platform for strengthening families and improving outcomes for Children and Youths,” which outlines four essential tasks for sustained progress of life.

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photograph of deprived people of Nepal studied during the field trips by CIIRA-Nepal.

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  • To work collaboratively with national and international institutions and organizations to share and exchange knowledge, experience and information.
  • To increase accountability and transparency for the public and private sectors through good governance and implementation of justice.
  • To act as a watch-dog towards social sectors to keep citizens informed through various media outlets.
  • To engage in dialogue regarding publ... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Cost depends upon program and like minimum charge in volunteering service and internships

But some of they are free of cost.

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First contact with CIIRA-Nepal through call or email.