Bosque de Paz, a Tropical Farm Experience for volunteers, interns and apprentices

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Bosque de Paz ( The Bospas Fruit Forest Farm) is a fine example of environmental stewardship and offers a unique insight into rural Ecuador and an opportunity to connect with nature and local farmers. Some of the farmers are descendants of African slaves, others are descendants of Quichua Indians. In 13 years time Piet and Olda transformed a plot of degraded land, depleted of topsoil, into a beautiful and healthy island of green, that produces delicious fruit that they are eager to share with their guests.

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a happy team of foreign volunteers and locals, ready to plant trees in the area of Bosque de Paz

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How does your trip to me help?


The program consists of three different aspects:


  1. Improve biodiversity on the 15 hectares property of Bosque de Paz and the area around, by applying the principles of Ecological Restoration (see also:


  1. Produce food, building material, timber, etc.


  1. Make the project accessible to the public as an educational tool (guest... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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Location: Ecuador



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How to get there

You will find a map and a road description how to get to our farm in the section Bed and Breakfast in Visitme or on our website

How much does it cost?

Work hours: from 7 am till 12 am / lunch and siesta. In the afternoon one or 1,5 hrs work

We work from Monday till Saturday at noon.

We charge US$ 225 for 4 weeks and offer three meals (and a lot of fruit) a day and a bed in a dormitory ( bring your own sleeping bag). If you stay less than 4 weeks the cost is US$ 17/day. Also included is a tour of the farm and a conference.

There are no specific requirements or skills needed but it is recommended to be in a good physical condition and be willing to do hard work in the field. Also, a good knowledge of Spanish is important for communication.

Available days/best time to come

All year round