volunteering in seeds of hope, huaraz peru

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on my sabbatical travel year in 2007, i stumbled upon a small charity organisation in huaraz, peru. i was looking for a challenge, and for me that was working with children. the first month was like a big wave, and i had to try and keep my head above water.. but immediately the kids stole my heart and it was impossible to say goodbye..

for a description of seeds of hope, please visit the website: http://www.peruseeds.org/

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Seeds of Hope - volunteers and kids 2007

pic taken on one of our monthly outings, this time a sport's day in wilcawain

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after 'feeling comfortable in the water', the second challenge arose: helping seeds of hope provide more stable help for the kids: with a mixed group of peruvians and foreigners we installed a day structure with a point system (kids can gain points to assist in monthly outings), food and hygiene, we called in meetings to set up projects like building a veggie garden, organising workshops (art, chess, theatre, football training,..), going to the theatre, ...

this year (2008), w... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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  • Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) is a charitable organization established in the Republic of Kenya laws under The Trustees (perpetual succession) Act chapter 164. The mission is to fight against the extreme poverty and hunger, to promote human rights, to promote peace and emergency response in the world. The charity will support and train the talented youths in the poor communities, empower orphans, widows and single mothers, support the care of orphans, persons suffering from HIV/AIDS and disaster victims. www.prophetrewardfoundation.co.cc The charity is an initiative formed by a Kenyan servant of God Prophet Dominic Mwangi Gatumu from Kyeni, Embu. I am a peasant acting for the peasants’ with the vision to improve the living standards of the talented persons in the poor communities. Our fellow poor Kenyans are dying without a help, they are crying without anybody to hear their cry. They are denied their rights; their talents are hijacked and are not accomplished or fulfilled. I believe with your philanthropist spirit, together we can come up with a good strategy which can help or save these marginalized lives perishing because of hunger and many other disasters which mostly are man made disasters. I am humbly writing to request for your potential partnership support response in feeding orphans and needy Kenyans mostly at this challenging life to the poor communities in our nation. Fundraising http/www.gofundme.com/5808w M-Pesa +254 722 687 755

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  • Dear All Volunteers.l am Johnson from the Christian Youth outreach Uganda and l have many photos that show great Monkeys and the Unreached People of northern side of Uganda and many of may visit our site www.c-youthoutreach.cfsites.org or email me at jssempijja@mail2world.com l will send them to you any time. Thanks and Regards from Johnson Ssempijja

  • Great blog (glad I can read Flemish :-))

Location: Peru



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  • eddievdp

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How to get there

huaraz is located in the north-west of peru, a 7-hour bus ride from lima

How much did it cost?

sometimes, a lot of patience, but mostly you get more back than you give!

a contribution as you see fit. if interested, seeds of hope offers lodging, food and spanish classes for the reasonable cost of 400 us dollars a month (which is going directly to the kids, after the rent and so on is deducted)

When were you there?

i volunteered from may 2007 till october 2007, went home for 4 months to see family&friends and eat loads of belgian food. now, i've been back since march 2008 and planning on staying at least the rest of the year