Orang Utan visit in Camp Leaky, Kalimantan

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My wife and me have been visiting Indonesia in 2004. One of the best trips we have made there is to go to Kalimantan (former Borneo), hire a boat with captain and cook, and visit one of the remaining Orang-Utan forests in Tanjung Puting National Park.

When visiting Camp Leaky, we saw several times Orang-utans, and it was amazing to see those friendly animals near to you. You really wonder how the world came to the current situation where there are less and less orang-utans each year... Look at the pictures and become addicted to those animals like we :-)

By the way, also the boat tour was excellent, sleeping on a river, being waked up by monkeys, a cook making romantic food, just what we needed for our holiday ;-)

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One of the monkeys

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How did your Visit help?

By visiting the park and doing some donations you help te preserve these wonderful animals. Moreover we have adopted an orang-utan (called Chico) later via Stichting Bos.

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How to get there

We took the boat from Java to Kalimantan. This was an exciting tour! I think you can also take an airplane form Java.

How much did it cost?

I don't remember, but it was worth each penny!

When were you there?

Late 2003 i believe...