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In 2001, My wife Esther and me have been travelling around Cuba for 2 weeks. The best part was to travel around without having made reservations for hotels (except for the first and last night). This made it possible to spend the nights at the homes from local people, who wanted to earn some money. In all bus stations, train stations etc you will meet people offering you to spend the night in their home. It is a little bit scary at first, but it turned out to be real safe, and a great opportunity to meet the local people. Besides the fact that cubans are very, very friendly people, it was very nice to normally get the biggest room in the house, and that local people made you excellent food like lobster cuban style. And normally you would get a nice cocktail as a welcome drink!

Besides spening the night at local people, it was also possible to do some activities with them. We have done horse riding and diving, and both were activities to remember :-)

By the way, although Cuba is poor, we normally felt ourselves very safe. Maybe except some parts of Havana, the capital, but I expect that all capitals can be dangerous in the wrong parts of town. In Trinidad, the ... Icon_arrow_rightMore

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On the beach of Trinidad

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How did your Visit help?

By spending the night at people in their house, and hiring them for some trips, we made it possible fro several people in Cuba to earn some (non-cuban) money, which is a big help for most people that are poor in cuba.

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How to get there

Well, we took the plane to cuba. In Cuba, we travelled mostly around with long-distance busses, and hired also a car for some days to visit the mountains. If you are interested in one of the trips or homestays we have done, I can try to see if I can recall the name or address. So please send me a message if you are interested!

How much did it cost?

If I remember well, most homestays were between 10 and 30 dollars, dinner at home was between 5 and 10 dollar per person. So very good :-)

When were you there?

October 2001