What is DAKTARI?

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The mission of DAKTARI is to educate and inspire local children to value their environment and stimulate community development

Every Monday, eight new students come to DAKTARI’s camp to spend the week building their knowledge of the environment and wildlife. They attend lessons, do activities, and interact with the animals in the wildlife orphanage. DAKTARI also works at the secondary schools to further this education and undertake community development projects.


Purpose: Provide a close and engaging learning experience that motivates Grade 8 students to care for their environment, while teaching them important life skills

The Grade 8 students visiting DAKTARI are from the local secondary schools in the villages. The teaching program is a mix of environmental education, life skills training, animal interactions, and discussions on social issues. International and local volunteers teach all of the lessons. Class sizes are kept small and each child is given individual attention during the week. The children learn about anti-poaching, politeness, job opportunities in game reserves, and discuss social issues like substance abuse and safe sex.


Purpose: Provide a home for unreleasable or orphaned animals that inspire passion for the environment in the children that visit DAKTARI.

The wildlife orphanage houses more than thirty species of animals. From cheetahs to crocodiles to meerkats, eighty animals call DAKTARI home. These animal ambassadors are unable to survive in their natural habitat so they live at DAKTARI and help to educate the children. The students are actively involved in animal care during their time at DAKTARI. They see many of these animals for the first time. This unique experience inspires them to protect their local wildlife and environment.


 Purpose: Increase the impact of the Teaching Program at DAKTARI through Eco Clubs and community projects

DAKTARI’s Outreach Program consists of three parts: Eco Clubs at the secondary schools, community development projects, and career guidance.

The Eco Clubs are an extension of the teaching program at DAKTARI. The voluntary, activity-based clubs teach students more about the environment and wildlife. The students also plan and implement projects to improve their community, such as planting trees or cleaning the village.

DAKTARI periodically welcomes local unemployed youth to the camp for career guidance. During the week, they learn the skills they need to find a job.