How do I Register?

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Below is a step-by-step guide on how to register yourself as a member on 12visitme

Step 1: Click on "register" or "sign up"

Click on registerWhen you are on the homepage, click on "sign up" in the middle of the page, or on "register"at the the orange field on the top-right of the page. This orange field is also available on all other pages besides the homepage.

Step 2: Fill in the form

Click on registerNext step is that you will see a form that you will have to fill in. Some remarks about what to fill in here:
Username: choose any name by which you want to login later
Remember Me: By checking the option "Remember me" you will stay logged in for 30 days on this computer, so you do not need to login each time you visit this website
Email: Fill in an email address by which you want to be contacted. This email address will not be shown on your profile page or any other page.
First/middle/last name: Fill in your name
Birthdate: Fill in your birthdate in the form Year-Month-Day. If you click on the button right of this field, you will get a pop-up in which you can choose your birthdate
Gender/city/country: Speaks for itself... Fill in the country right, it will be used as the first position of you via a Google Map that will be availbale on your profile
About Me: Tell something about yourself: what kind of person are you, what are your hobbies or occupation, how is your family, what is your goal in life, and anything else you would like to share!
Keep me informed with general info..: If you check this box, you will be sent info about 12visitme on a regular base, like Newsletters etc.
Keep me informed about VisitMes..: If you check this box, the contact person of a VisitMe, Visit, or Organisation might send you information in case that you have shown interest in via clicking on "become interested" at its page.
Notify me by email..: If you check this box, you will receive an email in case somebody messages you via the website.
After you have filled in all the fields, click on "create account"

Confirmation screenNext you will see a screen telling you that you will receive a confirmation email

Step 3: Activate your account

Confirmation emailGo to your inbox, you should find an email "12visitme registration confirmation". If you have not received a confirmation email within the hour, please check your spambox first to see whether it the confirmation email has wrongly been categorized as spam for some reason. If you still cannot find the confirmation email, please send an email to from your email address and we will help you to get activated!
In the email, click on the link or copy it to your browser.

Confirmation screenNext you will be logged in and redirected to the homepage. You will se in the orange field 3 links:
My Profile: Click this and you will see your profile, as also other people see you. And since you are logged in, you will also see some fields to edit your profile , add a photo etc.
My Messages: By clicking this you will go to your main Messages page, where you will see you publix inbox messages displayed, and links to your private messages, outbox, en trash can.
Log out: Click this and you will be logged out.