Newsletter 2, August 2008


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Issue 2, August 14, 2008 Help people via tourism

In this issue

How can you help 12visitme?

First of all: if you have the opportunity, go and visit one of the destinations from the VisitMes or Visits, and help the people over there. Helping these people is helping 12visitme to reach its main goal!

Furthermore: Add content to the website: It is important for a social website like 12visitme that many people contribute. You can start with just giving some comment on a VisitMe, Visit or Organisation (takes 1 minute), and it would be highly appreciated if you would add a VisitMe or Visit yourself. If you ever have made a trip to a nice destination, just share it by making a Visit. You can allways change or delete it...

Use the social bookmark links to give 12visitme or some VisitMe or Visit extra exposure on the internet. If you are already member of one of the social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon or DiggIt, it will take you 1 minute. If you are not a member yet, this might be a good starting point to get to know these sites and give a review about 12visitme on these sites!

If you have your own website, please add a link to the 12visitme website.

Pass it on

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What is a Visit(Me)?

A VisitMe is a travel opportunity you are offering to other people, so tourists or volunteers will come and visit you.

A Visit is a trip you have made in the past to some interesting place, and that you want to share with others.

The main difference between a VisitMe and a Visit is that the person who places a VisitMe on the website, is also the person receiving future tourists or volunteers. In case of a Visit (which has taken place in the past) the person who places a Visit is not receiving tourists or volunteers, but is a tourist or volunteer him/herself.

How to get best attention for your Visit(Me)

If you have added a Visit(Me), you are probably wondering how you can get the best attention for your Visit(Me) and thus attract tourists or volunteers. Here are some tips!

  • It is very important to have a clear and unique title. People looking for VisitMes will first look at your title to see whether it might be interesting. Furthermore it will be the main item for Google to get you indexed on, so if people will google for your title, your VisitMe will appear in the Google-list!
  • Please note that it takes some 2-4 weeks for Google to index your page. So after this time people will be able to find you via Google when typing in your title, tags, country or text from your description.
  • If you add tags, maximum 4 of them will be taken as a keyword too for Google. Especially when you add tags that are similar to words in your title, this will make your webpage appear higher on Google.
  • Make your Visit(Me) more attractive via adding many photos, and a welcoming comment. Extra photos will add extra entries via Google too if people will look on the title of your photo
  • Find people that want to "become interested" in your Visit(Me). See next item
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VisitMe from Uganda currently on top to win 250 euro for most popular Visit(Me)

In the contest for most popular Visit(Me), Stella Akitengs VisitMe for a Community Based Tourism Programme is currently the most popular, see Currently this VisitMe has 5 interested people, which makes it the most popular VisitMe at the moment. Stella has added many photos, which certainly helped to get the attention and postive comments.

But there is still plenty time to make your Visit(Me) more popular than this VisitMe, and win 250 euro!!! All you have to do is find people that click to become interested in your VisitMe. You can see how people can do this on You can send messages to other members of 12visitme to ask them to become interested, or you can invite friends of yourselves to become registered and help you win this 250 euro for your project!!!

Having many interested users not only makes the VisitMe show up high on the Popular list on the main VisitMe and Visit page (so you get more attention via the website).

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Two new organisations are participating: Livingstone and CAS Nepal

In August, 2 organisations have added a webpage on 12visitme, with several related VisitMes:

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) is a micro charity working in Rural Tanzania seeking to alleviate poverty through education and sustainable community development.

Community Advancement Society-Nepal lets you a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Nepal and great experience to self by understanding culture and its people. One could have lots of knowledge and experience about the assigned work, Nepali culture, its people and people' economic status..

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12visitme continues growth

In its second month of existence, 12visitme has continued a strong growth:

  • After just 6 weeks, 12visitme has Google Pagerank 2!! This helps in getting links to Visit(Me)s and member profiles to appear high in the list when Googling with relevant search words
  • We have members from more than 30 countries, and VisitMes and Visits from some 20 countries!.

In the coming months, more attention will be given to attract more tourists and volunteers to the website :-)

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This news item was published on 2008-08-14 17:01