GoodWorkGhana has won Most popular VisitMe contest


After 3 months of competition, we have a winner for the most popular Visit(Me): "Volunteer with GoodWorkGhana" from Yao van den Heerik in Ghana!!! By managing to get 31 people interested in their VisitMe, they have won the 250 euro prize money. GoodWorkGhana initiates, assists and finances small scale projects in central Ghana. They are based in Ghana and offer volunteers extensive supports during their participation and stay. Second place in the competition was for "Volunteer in community based tourism programme for sustainable community development" VisitMe from Stella Akiteng in Uganda, and third place was for "world heritage Bhaktapur" from Sabina Matangi in Nepal. 12visitme congratulates all the 3 VisitMes, and especially GoodWorkGhana with their 250 euro and with all those people who have shown interest in their VisitMe!

This news item was published on 2008-10-03 21:37