Featured Visit(Me)

How to become featured VisitMe

It is possible to have your Visit or VisitMe featured on the main homepage of 12visitme. For only a small fee per day you can give your Visit(Me) extra exposure and get more attention from people visiting this website. If you want your Visit(Me) featured, or if you need more info, you can send an email to: info@12visitme.com

Some of the conditions and rules of getting listed as featured Visit(Me):
  • Minimal cost per Visit(Me) is 2 euro per day
  • A maximum of two Visit(Me)s will be featured at a certain moment
  • The format of what is shown is fixed: the main photo (if present), the title, contact person and first lines of the description of the Visit(Me) will be shown. If you want to change this text you will have to change the description of your Visit(Me)
  • If more than 2 Visit(Me)s are requested to be listed, all contactpersons are informed and given the possibility to make the highest bid per day. The VisitMe with the highest bid will be shown.
  • There is no limitation to the period of the listing. However, if two Visit(Me)s are already listed and another VisitMe makes a higher bid (at least 1 euro per day higher), then the involved contact persons of the Visit(Me)s are informed and given the opportunity to make the highest bid. After a maximum of 3 days is decided which Visit(Me) is placed. If applicable, money is returned to the not-shown Visit(Me).
  • Paying can be done via Paypal. Visit(Me)s will only be featured after the payment has been received.
  • If no requests for featuring are pending, 12visitme will choose a Visit(Me) to be featured
  • 12visitme reserves the right to refuse or remove a listing. If so, the contact person will be informed and returned the rest of the money.